Event Photos

Gloria Rice and Blondie Anderson take time out for a quick pose

James Wood displayed American Indian memorabilia

Ucitova members gather to begin Adopt a highway project

James Wood overseas cleanup of Jessica Penn's and Justin Penn's section of the highway

Othell Chambers, Karen Graves, Nicholas and Zachery Campbell Register

Suzette Peerman, Benneta Pinn, and Shelby Penn man Registration table.

Sage Ceremony performed by Chief Humbles

Finally over 50 bags filled!
Inex Fairfax purchases items at fundraiser table manned by Demetrice Watts
How much more?
Chief Penn talks with members Ed McCoy and wife Ora, Elizabeth Jones, Michael McCoy, James Wood and Wife,Ethel
Arline Carson, Revels Carson, and Saundra Goldsby join in the fesivities